৪ টি Composition বা Essay শিখে যত খুশি English Essay লেখার কৌশল পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড |Composition Writing Shortcut Techniques PDF Download


৪ টি Composition বা Essay শিখে যত খুশি English Essay লেখার কৌশল পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড

Composition Writing Shortcut Techniques PDF Download

সকল JSC,  SSC, HSC সহ যেসকল পরীক্ষায় Composition/ Essay আসে সেগুলো খুব সহজে কম সময়ে উত্তর করার টেকনিক দিবো। নিচের ৪ টি রচনার বা Composition/ Essay এর ফরম্যাট মুখস্থ করে নিতে পারলে ১০০ টির ও বেশি কম্পোজিসন লেখা যাবে।

আমরা এর আগে এর আগে আরো অনেকগুলো শর্টকাট টেকনিকের পোস্ট দিয়েছিলাম। সেগুলো না পেয়ে থাকলে বা পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড না করে থাকলে নিচের লিংকগুলোতে ক্লিক করে PDF Download করে নিন।

মনে রাখতে হবে:  ব্রাকেট এর যেখানে Name of the essay আছে সেখানে Essay টির নাম দিতে হবে।

All Problem Related Composition/ Essay Writing Tricks

  1. Population problem in Bangladesh
    2. Arsenic problem in Bangladesh
    3. Unemployment problem
    4. Terrorism in Bangladesh
    5. Traffic Jam
    6. Natural Disasters in Bangladesh
    7. Influence of western civilization of Bangladesh society
    8. Dowry system
    9. Load shedding
    10. Smoking
    11. Price spiral
    12. Indiscriminate use of loud speakers
    13. Environment pollution
    14. Coping in the examination
  2. Acid Throwing
    16. The Harmful effect of the use and product of poly bags
    17. Food poisoning
    18. Child labour in Bangladesh
    19. Global warming
    20. The flood in Bangladesh
    21. Hartal / Strike
    22. Road Accident
    23. Corruption in Bangladesh
    24. Political Instability in Bangladesh
    25. Illiteracy
    26. Anarchy in Bangladesh
    27. Campus Violence
    28. Women and child trafficking

উল্লেখিত Essay সমূহ লিখতে নীচের কৌশলটি মুখস্থ করুন।

  1. Introduction: In our day to day life, we are experiencing new kinds of problems. Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population. This is why this developing country faces various kinds problems like food, traffic jam, dowry, acid thronging, terrorism, hurtle, load shedding, road accident, arsenic and so on .(Name of the essay) is causing much harm to Bangladesh.
  2. Causes: There are many causes of (Name of the essay). Injustices, lack of civic sense, lack of religious mentality, lack of family ties are some of them. Besides, most of the people of our country are poor and illiterate. They live from hand to mouth. Thus they have no knowledge to judge what is right and wrong. Again our political condition is getting worse day by day. It is an obstacle for the welfare of the country. On the other hand, nature is also cruel on us. All these situation has turned our country into this position. Flood, cyclone, drought are very common for this country.

3 Effects: The effects of (Name of the essay) is very dangerous. It hampers our regular activities. It destroys out time .It also harmful for our life and property. Continuation of (Name of the essay) makes our life idle. In a ward it is a major threat form our existence.

  1. Remedy: An off-quoted proverb is that prevention is better than cure. So it is high time to take necessary steps and preventive measures to get rid of (Name of the essay). By taking proper steps by the proper authority, a country can be furnished for the next generation.
  2. Conclusion: For our survival, we need to add a strong voice to the people of the world for the help of our existence. To maintain peace and justice all kinds of people must come forward with co-operation.

আরো পড়ুন: ৫ টি প্যারাগ্রাফ শিখে  ১২৭ টি প্যারাগ্রাফ লিখুন পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড

All Quality or Good Thing Related Composition/ Essay Writing Tricks

  1. Modesty
    2. Punctuality
    3. Obedience
    4. Well-behavior
    5. Dutifulness
    6. Character
    7. Charity
    8. Patriotism
    9. Perseverance
    10. Value of time
    11. Politeness
    12. Courtesy
    13. Cleanliness
    14. Dignity of Labor
    15. Industry
    16. Self Reliance
    17. Education
    18. Kindness Co-ordination
    19. Faithfulness
    20. Early rising
    21. Labor
    22. Patience.

উল্লেখিত Essay সমূহ লিখতে নীচের কৌশলটি মুখস্থ করুন।

  1. Introduction: To make life useful and successful every man should have some extra-ordinary qualities. (Name of the essay) is one of them it is a quality that makes our life valuable and powerful. A person having such quality leads a happy and powerful. A person having such quality leads a happy and an orderly life. He/she seldom faces unacceptable obstacle in life. He / she are sure to prosper in life.
  2. Its significance: (Name of the essay) signifies moral sensibility. It flashes our human power and reflects our mind. Thus it enlightens our mental faculty by changing the mode of leading life in accordance with rules.
  3. Necessary: (Name of the essay) is necessary in every sphere of our life. Every success in human life depends on it. Without this quality people become quarrelsome and create chaos. Thus society turns into a field of war. If we make a list of successful persons, we will find that their glorious success consists in (Name of the essay). We will also find that this extra-ordinary quality helps them to make their life fruitful and inspires them to do many things for the welfare of mankind. Therefore our civilization has been advanced so far.
  4. Its Importance: The importance of (Name of the essay) cannot be described in word. It has great influence both in our life and society. But for it society becomes lifelessly, mankind becomes helpless and in this way people in society turn into useless. Everybody feels boredom. This is why; it is valued more than money or any other kind of wealth or property. No other kind of wealth which brings great reward for human life in all branches of life is impossible without education. No doubt, it is the greatest possession of life.
  5. Its Influence: In spite of being mental faculty and invisible quality (Name of the essay) has a great influence on human life. To have peace in life every body has to abide by some rules. (Name of the essay) is such kind of regulations that influence much on humanity.
  6. Conclusion: (Name of the essay) is a kind of virtue. It is seldom an inborn virtue. It has to be acquired through habit and diligence. But for it fame, progress or success is impossible. In short we can say, that we have to follow those who have gained their success by dint of (Name of the essay).

এরকম আরো পিডিএফ নোট ডাউনলোড করতে

 এখানে ক্লিক করুন

All Journey Related Composition/ Essay Writing Tricks

  1. Journey by Bus 2. Journey by Train 3. Journey by Biman

উল্লেখিত Essay সমূহ লিখতে নীচের কৌশলটি মুখস্থ করুন।

  1. Introduction: Today man is very much busy. He does find a moment of spend to see and enjoy the sights and beauties of nature. Life has become dull, machinated and barren for want of recreation. We should mange time to get relief from routine bound life and monotonous work and (Name of the essay) can serve this purpose to some extent.
  2. Occasion: It was the month of Asher. Our college was closed for rainy season. At the same time the marriage ceremony of my cousin was fixed. The bride’s house was at a in the district of (……….). It was decide that the bridal party would go there by (bus/train/boat/N.E).

3.The journey: On the appointed day, we reserved a large (bus/train/boat/N.E). It was an excellent one. We were forty in number. We started for the destination at 11 a.m. I occupied a nice seat. The jerking of the (bus/train/boat/N.E) thrilled me very much. I peeped through the window and found there a nice scene of miraculous beauty. It was a bright sunny morning. The sky was full to the brim. We were passing through/beside a river. The rays of the morning sun fell in the river and the water looked life pearl. There were green fields, villages far off paddy fields and jute field, rows of trees which were full of flowers and fruits and all these things charmed our eyes and mind became bright with a song, “Oh my life? I would like to drink you from the bottom.”

  1. Stoppage: At 1 p.m. the (bus/train/boat/N.E) was stopped at a place for taking rest and having meal. We had our launch with rice and fish. It was a historical place. We also bought some necessary things there. At last we took tea to remove our fatigue and got on the (bus/train/boat/N.E)again.

5.Sunset and evening scenes: Again we started our journey. It was late afternoon. The sun was setting. At the distant horizon, the sun and the water seem to meet together. We enjoyed the sunset, I felt drowsy and fell into a sound sleep.

  1. Destination: A light music made me thrilled and I woke up and found that we reached at the destination. It was 8 p.m. We found that the people of bride’s house are eagerly waiting for us. We heard music and laughter all around us.
  2. Conclusion: The journey in my hear I bore. It gave me pleasure, Indeed it was one of the most memorable days in my life
    Apply Scope

All Science Related Composition/ Essay Writing Tricks

  1. The wonders of modern science
    2. The blessing of modern science
    3. Science in everyday life
    4. Television
    5. Computer
    6. Mobile phone
    7. Radio
    8. Internet
    9. Fax
    10. Telex
    11. Telephone
    12. Tape Recorder
    13. Cinema
    14. Electronics in Modern Life
    15. Wireless
    16. Telegram
    17. Light
    18. Fan
    19. Electric iron
    20. Penicillin
    21. X-ray
    22. E .C .G
    23. Radar
    24. Bus
    25. Train
    26. Launch
    27. Ship
    28. Steamer
    29. Airplane
    30. Nuclear weapon
    31. Space Craft
    32. Gramophone

উল্লেখিত Essay সমূহ লিখতে নীচের কৌশলটি মুখস্থ করুন।

  1. Introduction: We love in an age of science. We can see the wonders of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. We can not think of our modern life without science. With the passage of time man had invented and discovered newer and newer wonders of science. {Television/Computer/Radio/Mobile/Fax/Internet/ (Name of the essay)} is one of them.
  2. Communication: Science has linked up the distant parts of the world. Science has done wonders in the field of communication. They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one corner of the world to other within a moment. They have conquered space distance and time. (Name of the essay) is also a great media for communication.
  3. Recreation: Science has discovered many wonders for our recreation. We can enjoy many things by means of (Name of the essay/science). Science has made invisible things visible to us. Now it has advanced with its there dimension activities. Digital sound system has made these recreational activities much enjoyable.
  4. Educative value: (Name of the essay/science) has a great educative value. It teaches us many things. We hear and enjoy debates, lectures on various important topics, discussions on science and speeches through (Name of the essay). It has broken the wall between literate and illiterate.
  5. Other points: (Name of the essay/science) has made the world small. It has conquered time and distance. People need not spend huge money to go abroad. They get familiar with the customs and traditions, fashions and dresses and culture of the people of different parts of the world through the (Name of the essay).Now it is at the reach of our hand.
  6. Conclusion: Science is the greatest of all conquerors. It has made our life easy any comfortable by representing (Name of the essay)/ various kinds of wonders. It has established itself firmly in our hearts.

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